Gold-Filled Jewelry Care

Gold-filled jewelry can last a very long time, but it is heavily dependent on several lifestyle and environmental factors. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your HC jewelry. 



Daily maintenance, to keep your piece in the best shape, would simply include wiping the piece down with a soft cloth after each use. If you know that it has been exposed to a bit more that day than normal (ex: skincare/hair products, sweat, etc), rinse it off with some warm water and drying thoroughly with the HC Pink Polishing Cloth.

Make sure you take your jewelry off before you sleep, it will also help it last a lot longer!



If you know that your piece has been exposed to even more than normal (ex: sunscreen, extra humidity, chlorinated pools, salt water, etc.) or it has simply been a while since you have last cleaned it, you can do a deeper clean by following the steps below:

1. Prepare bowl of warm water with a tiny squeeze of a mild, clear dish soap, and mix them together. 

2. Let your piece soak in the soapy water for a minute.

3. Gently brush off your piece with a very soft toothbrush, paying extra attention to the areas where the dirt builds up (ex. chain loops, under bezels, etc.) If you don't have a spare toothbrush, a soft cloth will also work.

4. Rinse thoroughly, several times if necessary, to make sure all of the soap is rinsed off. Left over soap residue can accelerate the wear of gold-filled pieces. 

5. Dry piece thoroughly before wearing or storing your jewelry.